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Data Acquisition and How it is Done. Nowadays, we want everything fast and quick that we sometimes do not realize that there are quite a lot of things we are taking for granted at the same time. Due to people’s “fast” way of living, people are seldom interested in things going on behind the curtain especially the things that are happening in the research and development area of some of the most common products that consumers use. There are a lot of stuff that people use nowadays that involved thousands of hours in research and development and that is the result of millions of dollars in investment for manufacturing companies. The amount of information available to the end user is very critical in identifying the difference of data acquisition in the research and development area from the medical science research area. In the manufacturing stage of the product, the consumer is only concerned about how or what will be the functionalities of the finished product will be. The consumer does not really want to know the steps taken by the product in the manufacturing stage as long as it does not affect the quality and the service that it provides to the consumers Data acquisition in the field of medicine is really different from the research and development department simply because the information that are used and that are gathered are very critical in saving lives. Data acquisition in different areas that is is used really vary in purpose and goal and that is why they also have different methods of acquiring data and that makes the difference for them.
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Data acquisition is also used in areas that need the logging of weather information such as temperature, humidity, density and pressure for future technological advancements, and that shows that data acquisition is not only limited in the areas of medicine and research and development.
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Markets today sell simple data acquisition equipment that can be used publicly while hardcore researchers do not use them but instead they look to a more specially made equipment in data acquisition and that equipment is made solely for research purposes and not for public use. Data acquisition that only focuses in acquitting weather, temperature or data recording devices for computers are sold in the market and are made specially for public use and it allows the user to use simple software that could display his or her gathered data beautifully. We need to learn to care about the different processes that data acquisition is used and goes through because it would be really helpful for us in terms of having deeper understanding on what is happening in the world of science and technology, especially we are living in it right now.