Top Tech In 2016

Digital disruption is a term that has arisen to refer to anything which interrupts the normal trends of business. One person surveyed said that their Tom Tom satnav device had on one occasion navigated an alternative cross-country route to the airport when the motorway was at a standstill, and so saved the expense of having to buy new plane tickets, paying for itself in one fell new technology

The gadgets in our main Electronic Gadgets category include solar products like solar phone and laptop chargers; LED watches with cool light effects or amusing cryptic ways of displaying the time; laser gadgets such as handheld laser pointers and disco lights; and loads of other small and interesting electronic new technologycool new technology

All this is good news for gadget buyers as things move upmarket, and Chinavasion will be here finding and stocking the best offerings, while weeding out the stuff that isn’t good enough (we do a lot of that to make sure the majority of Chinese made junk products never see the light of day and you can focus on only trusted and functional products in our many categories).

The Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) is hosting an event specifically for teachers and educators to include technology in their classrooms called the TCEA 2016 Tots and Technology Summer Conference that will be held in Galveston, Texas beginning on June 12th.

Tim Gokey, chief operating officer at Broadridge Financial Solutions Inc (BR.N), which sells technology services to financial firms, said that while banks would like to create independent value through their technology, many for now are content with more cost-related benefits.