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Applications of MIDI MIDI is an acronym for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. It is often associated with recording music. Almost all of the people living today have experienced MIDI through listening to music. MIDI files are used from the low quality music in your computer sound card to the most professionally recorded sound tracks despite it not being audio in the first place. Unlike Mp3 or WAV, MIDI is not a digital audio format and it does not contain any kind of sound and it is not music. MIDI files are basically data. MIDI is just basically instructions, a file full of data that contains commands and messages for other electronic devices, such as sound cards and virtual studio technology instrument to perform. Below are some of the things to keep in mind when you are having a hard time choosing between common audio file formats or MIDI. Using a MIDI file format, you can store a lot of music and audio files in one single CD. MIDI files are also very efficient due to their very small file size and due to the fact that any computer today can execute MIDI files. MIDI file formats are also very powerful because it can not only create music from a single instrument but rather it can create music to the scale of a whole orchestra. MIDI files are also known for its versatility due to its ease of use and it being very user friendly and easy to navigate.
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Ever since its first release in 1983, single musicians were able to play different musical instruments at the same time. When computers were becoming very popular and very common, musicians took advantage of that and used in on stage and they were able to play different kinds of synthesizers at the same time making an electronic virtual symphony. Because MIDI’s file size is very small and all sound cards have built in MIDI sounds in them, sharing and creating music between different computers because very easy without the use of any external sound cards.
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Now that technology is rapidly getting more and more better, MIDI was improved also in terms of not it can be used to create high quality sounds. With the help and use of quality virtual instrument today, together with MIDI, one is able to create and record high quality tracks. MIDI allows people in their homes to record their vocals and it can turn out to be professionally recorded. The only thing that is limiting you from creating music and recording while using MIDI technology is your imagination. MIDI keyboards are what majority of the people would buy but in using MIDI controllers, you can make symphonies and make it look like you have an orchestra in your own house studio.