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Magical Healing Mushrooms

Mushrooms are bewildering. Mushrooms have other uses that food and that is for medication. In Asia, mushrooms are commonly used a medicines. There are several species of mushrooms that have therapeutic properties. Chinese people have the earliest recorded use of mushrooms as medicines. Mushrooms can not just be found anywhere. Mushroom species have been cultivated outside their natural growing areas. A thorough study on mushrooms as medicines have been conducted due to the large number of mushrooms available. Countries in Asia have confirmed health benefits on the uses of mushrooms as medicines.

What are the health benefits of medicinal mushrooms? Medicinal mushrooms have been found to have immunological and anti cancer properties over the recent years. There are other health benefits that mushrooms offer. The pharmaceutical industry has shown interest in the several health benefits offered by mushrooms.

Below are some of the known medicinal mushrooms.
Finding Similarities Between Mushrooms and Life

One known medicinal mushroom is the coriolus versicolor which is more commonly known as turkey tails. Turkey tails which clustered mushrooms which has for its habitat branches and trees that are fallen on the ground. This medicinal mushroom is multi-colored. Turkey tails are small mushrooms. One of the cancer fighting mushrooms is the turkey tail mushroom. It was also found to be beneficial to cardiovascular health. Immune system enhancement are one of the benefits of turkey tail medicinal mushrooms.
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A known medicinal mushroom is the Reishi mushroom which is the common or familiar name for ganoderma lucidum.

These type of mushrooms are striking in color and are hard in texture. These types of mushrooms have unique dwelling planes. Reishi mushrooms can be bigger than most mushrooms. Reishi mushrooms has kidney shaped cap. Reishi mushrooms, like other mushrooms, are also colorful. This specie of mushroom can be found almost in all countries worldwide. But those found in Japan and China have been proven to have therapeutic value. Those Reishi mushrooms with therapeutic properties are rarely found. Enhancement of oxygenation of the blood are health benefits brought about by Reishi mushrooms. Reishi mushrooms also contribute to cardiovascular health. Reishi helps enhance the immune system. Anti-HIV properties can also be found in Reishi mushrooms. This mushroom type contributes to liver health. Reishi helps improve the respiratory system.

Another known medicinal mushroom is the polyporus umbellatus which is more commonly known as Zhu Ling mushrooms.

Grifola umbellata is another name for Zhu Ling mushrooms. Most whitish to grayish mushrooms are of the Zhu Ling mushroom species Zhu Ling mushrooms are known to have anti-cancer properties.

Spiny hedgehog mushrooms which has for its scientific name Hericium erinaceus is one of the known medicinal mushrooms.