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Nissan Unveils New Engine Valve Technology

Monitoring and understanding all the technical activity taking place across the Wikimedia movement is a tough and time-consuming task. One person surveyed said that their Tom Tom satnav device had on one occasion navigated an alternative cross-country route to the airport when the motorway was at a standstill, and so saved the expense of having to buy new plane tickets, paying for itself in one fell swoop.cool new technology

It may be tempting to grab a low-priced tablet throughout a promotion, but be aware that occasionally, the specs on these truly low-cost tech gifts are frequently quite basic. The Green Smart Glass has an interesting technology that harnesses the heat energy from the hot beverage and stores it to be used later. It uses 4D augmented reality technology and has a transparent visor and special lenses that serve as a heads-up display, along with an array of cameras and sensors that help users navigate and gather information about their environment.

My last TV-related pick, this cool set of linked displays isn’t intended for your living room, but it’s a great proof of concept and something you’re liable to see more of in public spaces. The world revolves around the connectivity provided by …