Gadgets And New Inventions

Scary stuff, for those using such applications, but indeed, it would sure make electronic wired deposits easy wouldn’t it? Whether you’re a persnickity chef, want to make sure you’ve got a food source when the zombie apocalypse hits – after technology fails you’re on your own, though – or somewhere on the spectrum between, the Opcom Far Cube looks like it will help the blackest of thumbs grow vegetables.

Out of all the whizzy reveals at its press conference – telepresence robots, looks-like-you gaming avatars, smart construction helmets and more – I think the one that will generate the most fist-pumping is its RealSense-based technology for capturing a live sporting event in three dimensions.

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While Dyson’s other inventions have radically improved the performance over their competition, this fan doesn’t seem to offer a significant improvement over the tried and true versions which have been used since Dr. Schulyer Wheeler, an American engineer who at the age of 22 invented the two bladed electric fan in 1886.