Fashion & Technology

One of the unique events in the field of fashion is history-making space clothing to the mission of Apollo 11 space mission to deliver Neil Armstrong as the first man on the moon. In his spacesuit: Fashioning Apollo, Nicholas de Moncahux describes how a manufacturer of women’s underwear, Playtex, able to win the contract manufacturing of aerospace outfit beat a company that has long been in the military-industrial world that when it is considered by NASA. Knowledge of material synthesis and understanding in applying it to the human body has provided success for Playtex in creating a space appropriate clothing for the Apollo 11 mission.For more information, about future technology you can visit

Fashion and technology, consciously or not are two areas that are interlocked and interrelated. The progress of technology development in sewing and spinning, as well as the discovery of new textile materials such as lycra, has given a major breakthrough in the fashion industry. The development of technology has also spawned advances in the field of computers. Computer technology has changed the way people run their daily lives and certainly affects the way we look as well.

Sabine Seymour in his book: Fashionable Technology introduced the term ‘fashionable wearables’, combines fashion sense and ‘wearables technology’, which means all forms of fashion (apparel, accessories) with the integration of computer technology in them. Fashionable wearables move between two poles, the expression of aesthetic and functionality opposing aspects. Finding a balance between these two poles is the job of a fashion designer. In the levels of technology penetration in the human body Seymour divides it into three parts:

  • Handheld (held)
  • Wearable (charged)
  • Implanted (embedded)

At the level of handheld, mobile devices are the most obvious examples. Our need for communication creates mobile technology that is still growing. The use of mobile phones are no longer just a function but it has become a fashion object. How a gadget influences the way we look at using, hold, carry and store are things that can be observed and explored with glasses fashion.