Cool Vendors 2016

The latest gadgets and technology are unveiled at CES, the year’s biggest consumer electronics show in Las Vegas. The factor that explains the blue ray technology advantage to consumers and end users who have blue ray compatible equipment is they don’t have to keep switching to DVD compliant players as BD players can play the regular DVD’s and CD’s just as well.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that if you are advertising health electronics or baby products you may need to make some clear disclaimers about the certification or non-medical status of the products, depending on the location where you are new technology

Promoting recycling is also another goal of Green Technology through providing product alternatives that are reusable and recyclable hence significantly reducing the amount of waste and pollution that is produced during man’s production and consumption of his wants and new technologycool new technology

While some people think of gadgets” as a category of superfluous, one-purpose devices — hardly what people want in the age of the all-powerful smartphone — the startups that made our list are creating tools, devices, and technology that’s useful, fun, and adds value to the existing array of devices that most users already own.

Yes, although the old times did happen it doesn’t mean that it has to continue and the free things are the ones that we stick to best because it is so hard to find it. We need to embrace the future and the technology that it brings but we also can’t forget the past.