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In a competitive business environment

all companies are keen to save money. Yet while they’re looking at making major changes to cut costs, they can often be overlooking day-to-day activities that are allowing money to leak out of the door.

One of these areas is printing. Despite continual promises of paperless offices, we continue our love affair with having documents on paper. This means that printers have a habit of proliferating across the business, and before you know it your costs are out of control.

Identifying the Problem

So what can you do about it? The first step is to understand what’s happening, and that means conducting an audit. Carrying out print audits is a way of identifying all of the printing that you do within the business. Whether it’s departmental printers, desktop machines in executive offices, photocopiers or work that is contracted out to specialist printing companies, finding out what’s being printed where is the first step to understanding and controlling things.

One of the things the print audit will do is to collect usage information from your existing systems. Printer hardware always incorporates a copy counter of some sort which can deliver information on the number of pages being produced. If you have …

Everyone wants to keep their home or business safe

And that means only letting in the people who are supposed to be there, and keeping out those who have no business being in the building.

Whether it’s a school, office or your own home, you want to ensure your premises are as secure as they can be. So choosing the correct type of lock for your doors is an important consideration.

But which type of lock is best? You may think a lock is a lock, but you’d be wrong – there are several types, each having differing functions and being suited to different types of properties. Here is just a brief rundown of the most commonly used locks here in the UK and what they are best suited for.


The most basic kind of lock there is, a padlock is one which is not permanently fixed to a door but attached and locked when necessary. You will probably have seen plenty of padlocks in your time – they come in all shapes, strengths and sizes, can be operated with keys or combinations locks, or even both, and are usually quite reasonably priced.

Padlocks are suitable for a wide range of relatively low-security places, including gates, shed doors …

4 Ways in Which Entrepreneurs Make it Big in the Business World

Forbes recently issued the list of world’s richest persons for the year 2017. Bill Gates is the richest person in the world for fourth year running with Amazon’s Jeff Bezos second and Warren Buffet on third. Bill Gates has secured the number one place in the list for 18th time in the last 23 years. Warren Buffet and Jeff Bezos also regularly feature in the top 10 for the last several years. So what is the secret of their success and how they are able to sustain it for decades now? Read on for the answer coupled with analysis about habits of effective leaders that transform them into successful entrepreneurs in this regard.

  1. Hard Work

There is no substitute to hard work. You can take the example of Bill gates who worked day and night to launch a new version of DOS in 1981. Windows 95 was the result of years of hard work and everything else is history. The success of Microsoft, as a company, cannot be attributed to just Mr. Gates but he is the catalyst behind all the success. He showed everyone around him how the things need to be done and what kind of commitment …