An Introduction To New Technology

It was a press conference with a little bit of everything – space travel, science, technology, and the offer of a kiss. In June, police officers confiscated a drone after it was seen flying over the All England Lawn Tennis Club during the Wimbledon tennis tournament, and over the weekend a drone crashed into Himeji Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage site in west Japan. Science is a boon and man needs to utilize this for the overall development of the world. Now a new iPhone app is helping visitors to the Swiss Alps understand how climate change is altering the landscape.

The story is newsworthy as Apple and Amazon are two leading digital retailers that have large markets all over the world; meanwhile, e-book (see video of Amazon Kindle ) is becoming more and more popular nowadays, and the mainly concerns for most consumers are the price issue and having a broader choice.

Enter RSS or news feeds, the major difference is the fact that instead of reading news off your email inbox, or typing a URL and going to a news website, you get the news to your aggregator of feed catcher software, once you subscribe to a feed the site will send the latest news to your aggregator software, you can select the length of the news feed, so that you can read a summary of the news, instead of having to read the whole thing, time is money, and this is especially true these days.

In some ways, it has restored the idea of the newspaper, since we once again read news stories. Under its compact chassis and easy to hold in hand smoldering characteristics of high ranges that will give you a boost to your daily activities such as 3G or WiFi internet connection, navigation, phone calls and entertainment.

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