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Finding a Good Roofer Spring reminds of traditions of planting and cleaning, but it is also a good time to plan on reroofing your home. Certainly, hiring the right roofer is typically a taxing act that needs research and discernment. It’s way beyond catchy ads or discounted offers. There are crucial considerations that should be made when searching for a good roofer. The following are five tips to help you make a good choice: Referrals
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Start by asking people you personally know. Have any of your friends, coworkers or neighbors had their roof repair or replacement? Were they impressed with the outcome? Would they think of hiring the same contractor again? Ask what they can say about their roofing contractor. As they say, word of mouth counts. As well, hardware stores and large lumber yards are great sources of leads.
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Research Do some research as soon as you have identified a contractor you think you want to hire. Verify their business address, email address and phone number. Ascertain that that the roofer you pick has a license and is sufficiently insured. Investigate out how long the contractor has been in this business. If they have a website or blog, take a look at it and search for photos of past work. Don’t forget to check with your local Better Business Bureau to determine if your prospect has been the subject of any customer complaints, and if so, how these were resolved. Personal Interview Ask each roofing contractor on your list to come and visit your home and discuss the materials that will be used and the amount of work to be done. As you do so, see if the contractor sounds knowledgeable, professional and enthusiastic about your project. Contract Do not let work start unless you have a contract that covers all aspects of the job, including materials, product and workmanship warranties and guarantees, etc. Be sure that the contract is crystal on such matters as safety procedures, liability, start and end dates, compensation and even cleanup methods. Price Never go for the cheapest bid for the sake of saving money. As you may already know, your roof is a sizable investment. Cost will just be amortized over the job’s lifetime. That said, yo should decide based solely on value for money. As most people have experienced, cheap can become expensive in the long run. Reviews This is mainly for those who are searching for roofing contractors online. Know how people have reviewed your prospective roofer. Whatever letit complaint against the contractor you plan to hire should give you a good reason to rethink your decision. However, make sure you stick to independent consumer websites to ensure that you are reading objective and authentic testimonials. Many websites these days publish fake news to either get more clients for a roofer or drive away potential clients from competitors.