21 Best Tech Companies To Work For In 2016

When I wrote about the dimming outlook for jobs earlier this month, I quoted John Challenger, CEO of recruiting company Challenger, Gray & Christmas, as saying that companies were intent on cutting costs, with the implication that many of them would have to cull staff to do so. Tech firms looking to improve customer service might explore messaging apps, which, according to a recent Forrester report , are growing in popularity for brand interaction because they touch on frequency of use, emotional connection, and convenience.

Florida’s High Tech Corridor spans 23 counties across the state, connected by three research universities, more than 20 local and regional economic development organizations, 14 community and state colleges, 12 regional workforce boards, countless industry groups and the thousands of innovative companies that call this region home.tech companies

Layoffs are a less palatable alternative to rounding up capital but may become necessary for more companies as funding sources dry up. As USA Today reports, 2008’s third quarter saw just 270 venture capital deals for tech companies, the lowest quarterly number since Q1 1996.

While it makes sense to have one key lawyer with whom you coordinate most of your legal activities (be it your primary corporate lawyer or an outside general counsel), you’ll get more bang for your buck on specific matters if your lawyer can provide strategic advice that reflects their experience of seeing how similar matters have panned out for other companies.tech companiestech companies

Cloud company Nutanix ( NTNX ) , the largest tech IPO of the year, priced its IPO above the expected range at $16 on September, 29. The stock closed its first day of trading at $28.79, with a valuation well above the $2 billion mark at the last private round in 2014.