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You may get more information on options that you have online at You no longer need to spend a long period of time trying to identify a reliable internet service provider because Trade Show Internet is up to the task. In order to enhance attendee productivity, it is also important to opt for Trade Show Internet solutions. A wifi captive portal solution – TradeShowInternet will be customized depending on the type of event, the number of attendees and venue of the event.

Reviews show that Trade Show Internet has offered their services to Electric arts game launch, The Dallas Opera, Mazda brand summit and many other company events. It is, therefore, possible …

In a competitive business environment

all companies are keen to save money. Yet while they’re looking at making major changes to cut costs, they can often be overlooking day-to-day activities that are allowing money to leak out of the door.

One of these areas is printing. Despite continual promises of paperless offices, we continue our love affair with having documents on paper. This means that printers have a habit of proliferating across the business, and before you know it your costs are out of control.

Identifying the Problem

So what can you do about it? The first step is to understand what’s happening, and that means conducting an audit. Carrying out print audits is a way of identifying all of the printing that you do within the business. Whether it’s departmental printers, desktop machines in executive offices, photocopiers or work that is contracted out to specialist printing companies, finding out what’s being printed where is the first step to understanding and controlling things.

One of the things the print audit will do is to collect usage information from your existing systems. Printer hardware always incorporates a copy counter of some sort which can deliver information on the number of pages being produced. If you have …

Everyone wants to keep their home or business safe

And that means only letting in the people who are supposed to be there, and keeping out those who have no business being in the building.

Whether it’s a school, office or your own home, you want to ensure your premises are as secure as they can be. So choosing the correct type of lock for your doors is an important consideration.

But which type of lock is best? You may think a lock is a lock, but you’d be wrong – there are several types, each having differing functions and being suited to different types of properties. Here is just a brief rundown of the most commonly used locks here in the UK and what they are best suited for.


The most basic kind of lock there is, a padlock is one which is not permanently fixed to a door but attached and locked when necessary. You will probably have seen plenty of padlocks in your time – they come in all shapes, strengths and sizes, can be operated with keys or combinations locks, or even both, and are usually quite reasonably priced.

Padlocks are suitable for a wide range of relatively low-security places, including gates, shed doors …

Choosing the wrong cable to connect to a system or to equipment can cause a network or communication failure

so it’s important to know what to look for before deciding on a cable. Mistakes can be costly if many metres of cabling are involved. It’s not just the cost of the cable: it’s also the cost of removing reinstalling the cable runs. So use this checklist to help you choose the right cable.

1. Environment

Office environments are clean and quiet, and cables are often further protected by ducting. However, in industry, many cables are connected to devices that are being used in more demanding conditions. For example, instrumentation systems and control applications may be used at sea or in mines, refineries and factories. The amount of vibration that the cable must resist will affect the type of cable used, as will the temperature in the environment.

2. Data Transmission Rates

The “Cat” ratings on Ethernet cables refer to the data transmission rates which the cable can handle. Cat 5e cables can deal with up to 1 GB; CAT 7 can handle up to 10 GB.

3. Cable Jackets

You need to consider whether the cable jacket will be exposed to oil, abrasion or flexing. PVC is cheap and suitable for general use, but if there is a fire …

There are lots of companies around offering web design services

But how do you go about choosing between them? What makes one designer better than another? Part of the answer to these questions depends on what you want your website to do. Is it merely to showcase your business? Or do you need an e-commerce site to allow you to sell products directly online?

The first thing you need to do therefore is to look at work the company has done before. They should be happy to show you a portfolio of past work, so you need to be looking for designs they’ve done on sites with similar aims to your own – though not necessarily on those that actually compete with you, as you want your site to stand out. Talk to existing customers if you can too, or seek out independent reviews to see what the business is like to work with.


Remember that when you hire a development firm like, you’re getting a team and not just a single developer. At the very least, there will be a graphic designer and a programmer, plus someone to take care of search optimisation and perhaps someone else to handle social media. On larger jobs there will …